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Really, its old and broken to us. That's why you got contacted by Konrad.

What We Do & Why We Do It:

We are running a campaign about fixing old site maps.

You're a good candidate😈The crazy part: we fix it for free. You only have to leave your e-mail.We'll upgrade your sitemap 🌼New and upgraded sitemaps are better recognized by Google 🛎️

Google punishes the bad sitemaps a lot, on the contrary the good sitemaps are rewarded by google.

You've invested already so much in your website but this one little tiny part is waiting there to be fixed and meanwhile without realizing you're punished by Google and other search engines.You might wonder why we do this for free? Well it's not a secret - we try to delight you with a small yet powerful service hoping this will open up to make a collaboration with you on some bigger projects where we can help with.By the way; we are a 100% Shopify focussed boutique agency 🤓

Secret Weapon for SEO? Get our Free Sitemap

  • Fast & Easy: Get your free sitemap created fast and easy, no technical knowledge required.

  • User-Friendly: Our sitemaps are clear and easy to navigate, improving your user experience.

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Yeah well, so what do you get for free today?
This is what you'll get:

Robots.txt & Sitemap.xml

  • We'll create & submit error-free versions of these essential files for the search engines.

  • Improves search engine crawling and indexing of your website.

WordPress Plugin Integration

  • Already using Yoast or All in One SEO? We can integrate your free files seamlessly.

  • Saves you time and ensures compatibility with your existing setup.

UX Sitemap

  • Build a better understanding of your eCommerce goals and objectives.

  • Keep your navigation structured.

  • Understand your content placement and what you need to design.

  • Indicate the relationship between pages.

  • Eliminate visual and information clutter.

  • Stay clear of unnecessary pages and duplicate content.

Boost SEO & Conversions

  • Improved search engine visibility and user experience lead to higher conversions.

  • Attract more organic traffic and turn website visitors into paying customers.

More info about the value of the UX of a sitemap you can find here.

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